Meet the director - Lex

I love being a photographer, storyteller and all around adventure partner. I love learning new things, hearing tales of the unknown + mysterious and meeting new human or animal friends. Photography for me is not just an art form, it's a bookmark in your story to help keep a special place in your memory. Photographing someone's wedding day is a HUGE deal. I get to be there when (for many reasons) some of your closest family and friends cannot. It's my job to help you tell your story to them. I might be lighthearted but I don't take my job lightly. I appreciate every one of my couples + am honored to be a part of their dav.

The quickest way to describe me in words is this: 

aries, capricorn rising/scorpio moon, ENFP-T, slytherin,
 oldest sister, trivia queen, creative, animal lover, inhaler of sushi, dog+cat+squirrel mom, door dash's best customer, enneagram 7, free spirit, extraterrestrial enthusiast, couch potato, outdoor lover, movie buff, anxiety sufferer, type B, wanna be fashionista, randomly talks in fake accents, i have a full cart on every website, kombucha and coffee fanatic, identify as "the spunky one", night owl, country music blaster, dad jokes teller, white wine drinker, I let my dreams guide me, spiritual, designated picture taker since 3rd grade, proud member of several girl gangs, extroverted introvert, Portrait Mode's worst nightmare.

If we sound like you'd swipe right on me as a BFF, let's do this.

I'm in the business of blending art + the great outdoors.

You wanna elope in a national park? Welll..

It is on my bucket list to not only just visit every single one but to stop at every roadside attraction or "worlds best" restaurant on the way there. If you have any recommendations please always send them my way! 

Let's travel together

National parks I've been to:

Kenai Fjords
Grand Canyon
Joshua tree
Kings canyon
Virgin Islands
Monument valley

OR pick a spot on my bucket list below!

These are spots I've dreamed of photographing love in! Wanna make that dream come true? Let's chat and get you a bucket list discount!

Glacier national Park
Grand Tetons
Death Valley
Great Smokey Mountains
Bryce Canyon
 Mount Rainier
Goblin Valley

And did you know I'm a Preferred wedding vendor?

As an adventurer and photographer I've been honored to photograph my fair share of legendary wedding days. Along the way, I have been able to create my own style, absorb the skills of my craft and embrace the authenticity of each tale I get to tell with these abilities. I support all love, all people and all beliefs. Because of these things, I am a proud vendor of Junebug Weddings.

Prefered vendor right here!